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Company Removals relocations

Company Removals relocations

Hofstad removals:

Hofstad removals knows more and better than anyone what an impact a company relocation has on your organization and your staff. When doing a business or project removal planning is the key to make your relocationing a success. Through our years of experience and the wide range of services, please contact us for almost any relocation

  • Company relocation
  • Removals of educational institutions, museums and governmental departments
  • Removals of health care facilities
  • Internal relocations
  • Projectinterior
  • Archive Removals and storage of archives
  • Renovation Removals
  • Pallet Transports

Hofstad removals uses the latest materials and reliable skilled employees who will move your valued belongingings in no-time. Our moving vans are equiped with air ride suspension and we always make sure that we will bring plenty of moving blankets, furniture trolleys, PC boxes, loaders and paintings boxes to move all you ibelongings as smooth as possible.
We also offer the possibility of our skilled movers do the packing of the moving boxes in a short time and if necessary to mark the boxes using different color stickers.

The above operations can also be performed outside operating hours!


During the visit of our representative all details will be discussed with you. Depending on the size of the move is set in advance a script or relocation plan. By this scenario we clearly difine for all parties what exactly can be expsected form Hofstad removals and what other special services / services we will provide to your organization.


Hofstad also offers you the opportunity to temporarily store your inventory in our temperature controlled and secure storage facility. Your inventory is placed in containers of almost 9 cubic meters and the required number of containers is determined by our representative during the visit to your company.

Hofstad removals: ICT service

A critical factor for a relacation is often ICT related activities. We can take this worry of your head when Hofstad is relocation your to your new area. Our skilled IT staff provides a full service  service include disconnecting and connecting computer equipment, installation of telephone cabling and relocating your servers. For questions you can always contact us at 070-3914490.

Company relocating in Westland - The Hague

Relocating a company will cost you a lot of time and work. Would you like your business being  moved by Hofstad Removals Company, then you do not have to worry about losses or damage to your valuable items in your property. Hofstad is a real family owned company. We are set up and run by professionals and experienced people from the moving industry.

Learn about Corporate Relocation?

If you are interested in the possibilities of a company relocation, we invite you to please forward to the ¬ ¬ contact form. Completing the form is not binding and commits you to nothing. Hofstad is in addition to the relocation company also specializes in private removals.





Hofstad Removals understands like no-one what the impact is on the staff and organisation when  relocating a company. Planning is essential for a business or project removal. Through our years of experience and our wide range of services, you can contact us for any kind of removal.