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Hofstad Handyman Service:


Next to the standard relocation services Hofstad removals is offering you, you can also use our Handyman service. This is a professional service that you can use for almost all jobs in and around your current home and new environment! Our Handyman has extensive skills, experience and knowledge of different jobs and tasks, works neat and always delivers the result to as how you want it!

Handyman activities include:

  • The mounting and removal of the lamps
  • Connecting the audio / tv equipment
  • Connecting washings machines, etc.
  • Mounting work
  • unmounting and remounting curtain systems
  • placement of paintings
  • removal and installation of stairs security systems
  • mounting your new furniture
  • any other common activity you need a helping hand

Additional services:

Hofstad Removals also offers a large amount of partnership services with high quality service companies in various sectors. In cooperation with these companies, we can also offer services such as:

  • Placing burglary protection, camera systems and fire protection
  • Utility installation services, from placing additional power connection sockets to complete home  ambiant installations
  • Paint and wallpaper decorations
  • Upholstering of floors and stairs
  • ICT work, connecting your computer to complete the installation of networks and servers.

By offering these servicesHofstad Removals is prsenting itself as a rvice supplier in the removal business.



Hofstad Removals understands like no-one what the impact is on the staff and organisation when  relocating a company. Planning is essential for a business or project removal. Through our years of experience and our wide range of services, you can contact us for any kind of removal.