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Moving Tips and / or checklist

You are going to move

  • Make sure you have a copy of the General Conditions
  • Requesting a quotation
  • Inquire your employer about a relocation allowance
  • Denounce the rent of your current house
  • Relocation phone / apply for a new phone connection
  • Inform school of the children
  • Agree with new residents of your old home (eg take over of items like curtains or floor)
  • Agree with ancient inhabitants of your new home
  • Inquire about subsidy options
  • Employer regulations for moving
  • Take measurements in your new house
  • Denounce or change any domestic help
  • Get Relocation Service TNT at post office
  • Begin to cleanup
  • Request Municipal guide and map if you go to another municipality
  • Inquire about schools, childcare, healthcare, public transport, waste, municipal regulations.
  • Register the children at their new school

4-2 weeks before your move

  • Inform your insurance companies about your move
  • Arrange shutdown of electricity, gas and water in the old house
  • Arrange stratup of electricity, gas and water in new house
  • Cleanup and remove items with will not move to the new house

2 weeks before your move

  • Send address changes
  • Childcare arrangements for children and pets daycare for the actual moving day
  • Inform caretaker
  • Redeem savings campaigns local retailers
  • Return library books
  • Put important papers that are not immediately needed and valuables in bank vault

1 week before your move

  • Cleaning your new house and mark the rooms
  • Remove fixed lamps
  • Remove curtains (except bedrooms)
  • Inform suppliers
  • Start packing items you no longer need to pack
  • Get easy meals in for the night before the move and the moving day
  • Is there enough coffee (including cups, sugar, creamer, spoons) present in the old and the new house?
  • Arrange bulky refuse
  • Garbage Containers old house emptying and cleaning (also leave behind the garbage calendar)
  • Empty the contents of your chemobox at your nearest drop off depot

1 day before your move

  • Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer
  • Lock drum washing machine and dryer
  • Disassemble furniture
  • Remove the pendulum from clock
  • Reserve loading space for the removal van, by blocking this space by parking your car and your neighbours in that spot
  • Packing final items

Moving day

  • Remove curtains in the bedrooms
  • Store keys in key pocket
  • Keep money and debit cards separated
  • Final check for what is being left behind
  • Registering final settings for elcetricity, gas and water meters
  • Closing the gas and electricity if necessary
  • Drain water pipes in the winter (even if it is not freezing)
  • Close all doors and windows
  • Hand-in all keys of the old house
  • Saying goodbye to the neighbors

After arrival in your new home

  • Let the movers place the boxes in the designated location as much as possible
  • Upon unpacking check for damage
  • Create a habitable space as soon as possible
  • Hang bedroom curtains hang
  • Let the fridge and freezer acclimatize for 1 day
  • Remove drum locks from washing machine and dryer

After your move

  • Unpack
  • Make an appointment to collect the empty boxes
  • Notification of change of address at your city registery




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