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Relocating in The Hague

A removal without damage and provide everything to suit your relocation wishes and needs can be performed by the experienced moving company Hofstad Verhuizingen in The Hague. Our removal vans are equipped with solid covers to protect your sofa, mattresses, paintings, computer and wardrobe. So we protect both your furniture and your old and new floor! Hofstad takes care of your removal in the wider area of Westland and The Hague.


When you plan to have your removal being carried out by Hofstad your belongings are well insured. We always change the materials used for moving to the nature of the furniture being moved and adept accordingly. So all your belongings will arrive at their new destination in good condition with the utmost care! After the move, you can enjoy of your new home

Would you like to know more about our removals?

If you are interested in the possibilities of arranging a move, please do not hesiate to contact us for further details and / or to request a quote. Of course free of charge and without  obligation.


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