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Moving to Spain and Portugal

Verhuizen naar Spanje en Portugal

Hofstad International Removals has much experience with moving to Spain or Portugal.

Hofstad International Removal has moved many Dutch residents to new addresses on the Iberian Peninsula. Whether moving  to Madrid or Lisbon, Hofstad International Removal  takes care of your move to the smallest detail. We are in possession of the official certificate Acknowledged Mover and with our experience and craftsmanship the customer can be assured of a flawlessly executed move.
Moving from Spain or Portugal to the Netherlands or remigration of expats is also done by Hofstad International Removals.

We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Every customer has his or her own wishes when it comes to the proper implementation of moving. Hofstad International Removal offers a package of relocation services to help to meet the needs of the individual customer, according to their own situation.
The customer can, for example, decide to do part of the moving himself. Hofstad International Removals facilitates the project by providing all the necessary materials for the move.

You can also choose our full service package. We take care of the entire implementation of the relocation from door to door.


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