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Moving to the UK

Hofstad International Movers has extensive experience in overseas moving to, for example, Great Britain. England is one of our most frequent destinations. We take care of moving your furniture to and from England and other destinations within the United Kingdom. We move companies and/or their employees. Hofstad International Movers also moves the furniture  of persons who emigrate or remigrate. For employees who will be resident in the UK for a few years, we can provide for storage of valuables.

Implementation is in safe hands with our experienced and well trained movers. They perform their duties in the interest of our customers at the top of their list of priorities. Hofstad International Movers is happy to inform you of the possibilities.

Every customer has his or her own wishes when it comes to the proper implementation of moving. Hofstad International Movers therefore provides a package of relocation services to help meet the needs of the individual customer.

The customer can, for example, decide to do part of the moving himself. Hofstad International Movers facilitates the project by providing all the necessary materials for the move.

The customer can decide to take our full service package. We take care of the entire implementation of the relocation project so to speak, from teacup to teacup.

In short, the possibilities are numerous. Each relocation project therefore always starts with extensive information about your wishes.


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